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When searching for auto repair shops in the area, there is only one to rely on. At Wholesale Transmission, we specialize in remanufactured and rebuilt transmissions and electrical & computer diagnostics. From NYS inspections to fully rebuilt transmissions, we really can do it all. To schedule an appointment with one of the premier auto repair shops in Buffalo, NY, please contact our mechanics today.

Transmission Repair, Rebuilt Transmissions & More

When you recruit Wholesale Transmission services, you should only expect the best the Buffalo, NY area has to offer. Our auto repair and transmission shop provides the finest in rebuilt transmissions, transmission repair, car transmission services and so much more! Stop searching for a reliable transmission shop, and choose Wholesale Transmission for the following services:

  • Automatic & Standard Transmissions
  • 4-Wheel Drive & Transfer Cases
  • RVs & Oversized Vehicles
  • Clutches & Differentials
  • Foreign & Domestic
  • High Performance
  • Fleet Service Available
  • Installed or Sold Outright
  • Towing Available
  • Nationwide Warranty
  • Retail & Commercial Service
  • FREE Road Test
  • NYS Inspections
  • Lube Oil & Filter
  • A/C Services
  • Brakes
  • Front End Alignments
  • Tire Sales & Service
  • Tune-Ups
  • Electrical Diagnosis

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Wholesale Transmission
Wholesale Transmission

Our Auto Repair & Transmission Shop Offers a Variety of Services

Whether you are looking for NYS inspections, a rebuilt transmission or are in need of car transmission repair, the experts at Wholesale Transmission LTD have you covered! We strive to be the best out of all the auto repair and transmission shops in the Buffalo, NY area. Contact us today to learn more about our car transmission and auto repair services below

Rebuilt Transmissions

If you are looking for quality rebuilt transmission services, you want to make sure you trust the right transmission shop. Wholesale Transmission LTD specializes in rebuilt transmission services and we have the knowledge and experience to complete your car transmission service right away. If you're thinking about a rebuilt transmission for your vehicle, call us today!

NYS Inspections

Every registered vehicle in New York State is required to receive a NYS inspection every 12 months. Wholesale Transmissions in Buffalo, NY is licensed to complete DMV NYS inspections for all car owners. All vehicles must have an inspection sticker on the front window. If not, you may not be eligible to renew your registration, and it's more than likely you will receive a fine or a parking ticket.

Inspecting your vehicle is not only a good idea for license purposes, but also to make sure your car is functioning properly. Many times we'll find that a customer has corroded brakes, a faulty car transmission, thin tire treads, and more. If we find an issue with your vehicle, we'll give you a call and schedule a timely auto repair, so your vehicle can pass the NYS car and emissions inspection.

Electrical Scans & Electronically Controlled Car Transmissions

The first step in diagnosing an electrical car transmission problem is by connecting a scanner and checking for service codes, and monitoring the transmission for a problem. Our auto repair shop charges $48.00, which covers the cost of labor and equipment to scan your vehicle. The scanner is a tool to help us diagnose your problem. This will not repair your vehicle.

We will give you an estimate, or advise you of the next step involved to repair your transmission. This may require further electrical checks of miscellaneous components, such as the TPS, speed sensor, drac module, shift solenoids, computer, and various wiring. Once we diagnose the official problem, we will schedule a transmission repair. This includes completely rebuilding transmissions at times.

A Dedicated Auto Repair Shop

Wholesale Transmission LTD is one of the most dedicated auto repair shops in the Buffalo, NY area. We provide top-notch car diagnosis to find out the exact car problem. We are able to fix practically anything that is wrong with your vehicle. If you choose us for vehicle repairs, you'll be happy. Wholesale Transmission LTD is concerned about affordable pricing. If you check out our coupon section, we are always offering discounts on car transmission repairs. Our mechanics understand that auto repairs can be costly, especially if you need unexpected repairs during NYS inspections. We pride ourselves on offering fair prices, honest service, and amazing auto repairs.

Transfer Case Repair

 A four wheel drive and all wheel drive vehicle contains a part called a transfer case. The transfer case rests directly behind the transmission, to redirect force from the transmission to the other systems of the car. If there are problems with your transfer case, it can keep your vehicle from moving, and feels similar to a transmission failure. If you're in the Buffalo, NY area, the mechanics at Wholesale Transmission are skilled at transmission case repairs. This important system is repaired at our shop frequently.

Differential Repair

A differential is the part that allows wheels to rotate at different speeds. So, for instance, when you turn a corner, the wheels on the outside of the vehicle will rotate faster than the vehicles on the inside of the vehicle. In order for a car to turn properly, you need a working differential. 

Wholesale Transmission has the knowledge and expertise for differential repair in Buffalo, NY. We give free estimates and are conveniently located on Walden Avenue just east of Pavement Road in Lancaster. Call today!

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